Slurry Monitoring System

Slurry-related accidents are all too common on farms, and the storage methods used can have a significant impact on safety. Many farmers are moving away from traditional slatted sheds to outdoor slurry towers in search of more cost-effective and safe storage solutions.

Our SlurrySpi sensor allows for monitoring the contents of slurry towers without the need to climb them. Slurry fumes can be hazardous and even lethal, making SlurrySpi an invaluable tool for enhancing safety on your farm.

Often, slurry towers are covered, making it challenging to check levels manually. SlurrySpi not only measures levels but can also alert farmers when levels are too high, or there is a leak or overfill. Alerts can be sent via email or text to your phone or any IoT-enabled device, ensuring you stay informed and in control.

Benefits and Features

  • Remote and Local Leak Alert Notifications: Receive timely warnings of potential leaks for prompt action
  • Health & Safety Improvement: Eliminates the need to climb slurry towers, reducing the risk of accidents
  • Remote Slurry Tower Level Monitoring: Access real-time slurry level data from anywhere, anytime
  • Overfill Alerts: Get notifications when slurry levels approach maximum capacity, preventing overfilling
  • High-level Alerts: Stay informed of critical slurry levels for timely management and decision-making
  • Online Portal Access: Conveniently view and manage slurry tower levels through a user-friendly web platform
  • Facilitate compliance: View historic levels for compliance and conformity