Dairy Feed Silo Monitoring System for farms

Farming technology is continuously evolving, making farms safer and more efficient. Unfortunately, every year, several farming accidents occur due to people climbing their silos to check animal feed levels. With SiloSpi, our silo monitoring sensor, farmers can now monitor feed levels remotely and ensure the safety of both themselves and their employees.

SiloSpi’s patented technology can accurately measure feed levels in dairy silos. By providing real-time data on feed levels, SiloSpi allows you to make informed decisions about your feed ordering and storage processes. By planning and organising your feed supplies effectively, you can avoid unexpected shortages and maintain a consistent level of nutrition for your livestock.

Many farmers opt to share the levels data with their meal supplier so that their meal re-order automatically is processed at pre -agreed levels. Automated decision making on farms is more and more important, as farms grow in size and labour shortages are an issue.


  • Peace of Mind: Less stress for farmers – ensure against unexpected run-outs
  • Optional Automated Decision Making: Enable automatic re-ordering by sending alerts direct to mill. The farmer has the option to share (or not share!) their data regarding bin levels with an unlimited number of users, from anywhere, at any time
  • Enhanced Health & Safety: Improve workplace safety by avoiding the necessity to climb silos
  • Save Time: Having access to levels data at your fingers tips, save valuable time by avoiding the need for manual inspection


  • Comprehensive Online Platform: Customers can easily access silo levels on any device through a user-friendly interface
  • Customisable Email/Text Alerts: Timely notifications sent to customers when silo levels reach predetermined thresholds
  • Global Configurability: Designed for worldwide usage with easy adaptability to local requirements
  • Versatile Monitoring Capabilities: Can be configured to monitor solid materials stored in bunkers, ensuring a wide range of applications
  • Easy to share levels via a convenient whats app link to each silo level

“We place all maintainable parts accessible from the bottom of the silo, so there is never a need to climb the silo”

“We chatted to one farmer with 200 diary cows, who told us that when he  ran out of dairy nuts in peak season, he lost approx €2,300 in reduced milk yield, as a result of his cows being without meal for 24 hours”.

SiloSpi is making farms more Sustainable

Invest in SiloSpi, the ultimate silo monitoring solution, and transform the way you manage your meal ordering process. Experience the benefits of a safer, more efficient, and cost-effective farm, and give yourself peace of mind knowing that your livestock’s uninterrupted supply of meal is ensured .

What our customers say

Peace of mind

“SiloSpi automatically orders our feed for us. It’s a reliable device, that gives us peace of mind”
Mort Ambrose
Dairy farmer, Cork, Ireland.

Frequently Asked questions

You won’t run out!! The peace of mind in knowing that SiloSpi will alert you when your silo is at a critically low level, from the comfort of your couch, saves time, makes your farm safer (as no need to climb the silo for manual inspection) and increases profitability (as yields don’t suffer due to cows waiting for emergency delivery of feed).

Yes, our monitoring system is designed to seamlessly integrate with a wide range of silo sizes (up to 40m tall)  and types (including skirted and split bins), ensuring accurate and reliable feed level measurements for your dairy farm.

Absolutely, our system is designed with user-friendly interfaces and easy-to-understand data, making it simple for farmers to monitor and manage their feed silos.

By providing accurate, real-time data on feed levels, our system helps farmers make informed decisions about feed ordering and usage, optimizing inventory management.