SiloSpi: The Pinnacle of Silo Monitoring Solutions for Unrivalled Performance

SiloSpi is the perfect system to monitor levels in silos in agricultural and industrial settings. This state-of-the-art solution ensures that you will never run out of supplies, optimises production processes, reduces costs, minimises waste and contributes to a safer working environment.

Our patented self-cleaning sensor delivers millimetre-precise measurements and is capable of functioning effectively in silos up to 40 metres tall. Its unique self-cleaning capabilities prevent dust accumulation, ensuring accurate readings even in the most challenging conditions.

Why choose SiloSpi?

  • Active dust cleaning for reliable measurements in harsh environments
  • No moving parts, ensuring minimal maintenance and long-lasting performance
  • Custom Enclosure IP68 for protection against dust and water ingress
  • Sigfox and Cellular options for versatile communication capabilities
  • Gateway option for seamless integration with existing systems
  • SCADA compatible for efficient data management and monitoring
  • Solar option for eco-friendly and off-grid power supply
  • Serviceable at the bottom of the silo for easy maintenance
  • Proven in the field (5 Yrs) for reliable and tested performance
  • Works on any size any type of silo, such as split bins and skirted bins
  • Up to +/- 3% accuracy, ensuring precise and dependable measurements
  • Works with cement silos, making it suitable for construction and industrial settings
  • Works with fluids, such as molasses and minerals
  • Vertical or horizontal installation to suit different silo configurations
  • Temperature and humidity sensor optional

What makes our sensor unique?

  1. Detects dust on sensor
  2. Activates a acuter to allow compressed air to clean the sensor
  3. The compressed air is projected onto the sensor using our patented sensor encapsulation


Delivery Efficiency
Increased Safety
Stock Quality Control
Peace of mind
Cost Savings
Customer Retention

How SiloSpi Works

Our one-of-a-kind IoT-enabled sensor is placed at the top of the silo. The patented sensing technology can detect when the sensor is dirty and self-clean to ensure reliable performance in the harsh, dusty environment of a silo. Constant measurements of the feed height in the silo are taken and securely sent to our cloud host, where the data is presented in a user-friendly format accessible from any device, anywhere, allowing users to make informed decisions.


steps to setting up our silo laser sensor SiloSpi

Step 1.
Contact Lvlogics, or your local distributor, to discuss your needs.
Step 2. Arrange date for install.
Step 3. Unit will be installed.
Step 4. Calibration process takes place.
Step 5. Alerts and alarms are set up for the customer.
Step 6. Lvlogics continually monitor to ensure best performance.

sectors benefiting from silospi



Frequently Asked Questions

SiloSpi uses a time-of-flight laser sensor to determine the distance between itself and the top of the silo contents. Using calibration data obtained over 2 empty/fill cycles, it is then able to work out the tonnage of the contents of the silo.

No. The units send data over the sigfox, cellular or lora networks, meaning there is no top up of sims or Wi-Fi connection needed.

The unit is +/- 3% accurate  on silos up to 40m tall.

The minimal calibration time is two cycles of filling and emptying the silo. This allows us to get a variety of levels to use as calibration points. The more points we get the more accurate the levels will be.

There are 3 options for power – mains, battery and solar.

The lens is cleaned using our patented air jet system. The air supply in mills usually comes from existing compressed air sources and on farms it can be introduced manually by the user via a pump connected to the bottom of the silo.

Yes. There is a subscription to cover the connectivity and maintenance of the system. The amount depends on the application and the frequency of which we monitor the silo. Contact us for more information.

Yes. We can configure your silo monitor to send you a text or an email at a low level point that you choose, which you can change at any time if you wish by contacting Lvlogics support team. We can also include other people in the notification set up to assist with automatic reordering of silo contents.

We send you a link to a web app. This opens up the gauge page on your phone. You can save that link as an icon on your home page so that you will easily be able to access your data at any time.


What our customers say

Excellent System

“We use SiloSpi on all our bins. It’s an excellent, reliable system”.
Mark Kiernan
Chairman, Kiernan Milling