Cement Silo Monitoring System

Cement silos present unique challenges for level measurement due to their towering heights, often exceeding 100 feet. Traditional technologies, such as ultrasonic measurements and mechanical devices like plumb bobs, are unsuitable for these conditions

SiloSpi works effectively on silos up to 40 meters tall, providing real-time data on cement levels, enabling efficient inventory management and reducing the risk of running out of stock.

Implementing SiloSpi in your cement storage facilities enables you to optimise your production process and reduce downtime, leading to improved efficiency and profitability. With our cement silo monitoring system, you can better manage your cement supplies, avoid costly disruptions and stay ahead of the competition.

Benefits and Features

  • Increased Safety: Eliminate the need to climb silos to check levels, reducing workplace hazards and enhancing employee wellbeing
  • Avoid Costs: Know how much you can deliver to your silo to avoid costly and disruptive over fills
  • Customisable Email Alerts: Timely notifications sent to customers when silo levels reach predetermined thresholds
  • Comprehensive Online Platform: Customers can easily access silo levels on any device through a user-friendly interface

Frequently Asked Questions

The Cement Silo Monitoring System provides accurate, real-time data on cement levels, enabling better inventory management, reduced waste, and improved overall efficiency in your facility.

Yes, our system can identify potential problems such as bridging or buildup, allowing for timely corrective action to maintain cement quality.

Our monitoring system is designed to work effectively with various cement types and silo sizes, offering a versatile solution for your facility’s needs.

Yes, our system allows for remote access to real-time data, enabling facility managers to monitor and manage cement silos any time.

Our system is designed for easy installation and low maintenance, ensuring reliable performance and minimal disruption to your facility’s operations.