Poultry Feed Silo Monitoring System

Our silo sensor “ SiloSpi “ offers poultry farmers numerous benefits to help them improve their feed management process. The system features real-time monitoring, alerts and notifications, automated feed delivery, user-friendly readings, compatibility with other farm management systems and scalability. By utilising our poultry feed silo monitoring system, farmers can optimise their feed management, reduce waste and enhance productivity.


  • Low Cost: Fraction of the cost of traditional methods such as load cells
  • Easy Access to Data: Information direct to your phone (or any inter active device) including level alerts and predicted run out
  • Clean Install: No need for complicated wiring back to plant rooms
  • Share Level Data: Share levels, in real time, with anyone in the organisation
  • Hassle Free Installation: No need to have the silo empty during installation
  • Health and Safety: Enhance health and safety measures by eliminating the need to climb silos for manual checks

“Our system is quick to install and there’s no need to have the silo empty for installation”


  • Installation: Quick and easy installation.
  • Real-time Monitoring: We provide real-time data on feed levels, allowing farmers to monitor their silos remotely and respond to issues quickly.
  • Alerts and notifications: Our system sends alerts and notifications to farmers or farm managers via text message or email when feed levels drop below a certain threshold.
  • Historical data analysis: The system can store historical data on feed usage and other parameters, allowing farmers to analyze trends and optimize their feed management strategies.
  • User-friendly interface: The system has a user-friendly interface that allows farmers to easily access their data from a computer or mobile device.

Data collected by our system can be directly integrated into the customers’ ERP or CRM systems for efficient management & analysis.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Poultry Feed Silo Monitoring System provides real-time data on feed levels and quality, helping farmers make informed decisions about feed management, reduce waste, and maintain optimal poultry health.

Yes, our system is designed to send notifications and alerts when feed levels drop below a specified threshold.

Our monitoring system is designed for easy installation and low maintenance, ensuring minimal disruption to your poultry farm operations.