“Our mission is to be the world leader in the provision of IoT connected remote monitoring devices for all types of silos”

Board of Directors

Barry Finnegan
CEO and Co-Founder
Eileen Finnegan
CFO and Co-Founder
Norbert McDermott
Brendan McDermott

The Inspiration

Both the co-founders of Lvlogics have roots in dairy farming, giving them a deep understanding of the stress experienced by farmers and animals when meal supplies run out unexpectedly.  The combination of being keenly aware of this issue on farms and having many years experience in the remote monitoring of oil, inspired Barry, who has an MSc in Electronic Engineering, to design and develop a solids monitoring solution. The use of laser technology is proven to be reliable, accurate and low-cost in the capture of levels data, however, the dusty environment in a silo created a huge challenge in using this technology for solids monitoring. Barry knew that if the issue of dust accumulation on the laser could be addressed effectively, that there was a gap in the market for a reliable and low cost solids monitoring solution.

He developed a unique, patented “self-cleaning” solution – “SiloSpi”, with no moving parts, that first detects when the laser is dirty and then initiates a self-cleaning process using targeted air jets. This innovative approach ensures that the SiloSpi system is accurate and dependable in even the harshest environments.

Developing a product that makes a real difference to its users has always been the main driver behind SiloSpi’s development. The team in Lvlogics take great pride that across many industrial and agricultural settings, these benefits are being delivered at an affordable price point, in particular, where it all began, on a Dairy Farm!

Award Winning Silo-Tech

Finalist in “The Manufacturing and Design” Category of Irish Times Innovation Award 2022
Winner of Agri-Technology Award at Enterprise Ireland Innovation Arena Awards at The National Ploughing Championships 2022
Finalist in “Best Mobile Innovation for Connected Economy” category for the 2021 GLOMO Awards
Winner of “IOT” Category 2020 Fierce Innovation Awards
Finalist in Feed the Future Challenge by Lely 2019