Pig Feed Silo Monitoring System

Are you looking to automate your feed ordering process, without wanting to break the bank? Look no further; our pig feed monitoring sensor, SiloSpi, offers a comprehensive solution. Equipped with our advanced sensor, you’ll have real-time data on the feed levels in your silos, allowing you to make informed decisions about your inventory management, provided at a fraction of the price of traditional monitoring methods.

With SiloSpi, you no longer need to check silo levels manually, which can be dangerous and inaccurate. The health and well-being of your pigs are paramount, and our system ensures that your pigs will not go hungry by avoiding costly meal run outs.


  • Streamlined Ordering: Farmers can automate the process of re-ordering by sending alerts directly to the mill, based on real-time silo level monitoring. Farmers can choose to share their data with an unlimited number of users, enabling collaborative decision-making.
  • Improved Safety: Silo monitoring systems reduce the need for farmers to climb silos, thereby minimizing the risk of accidents and promoting workplace safety.


  • User-Friendly Interface: Customers can access silo levels with ease through a comprehensive online platform.
  • Customizable Alerts: The system can send timely notifications to customers when silo levels reach predetermined thresholds, with alerts that can be personalized to meet specific requirements.
  • Mobile Compatibility: The system’s responsive website design ensures seamless access from all devices, making it easily accessible from anywhere.
  • Global Compatibility: The system is designed for worldwide usage and can be adapted to meet local requirements easily.
  • Easy Data Sharing: Silo level data can be conveniently shared via a WhatsApp link for each silo level.

What our customers say

Excellent System

“This is an excellent system – it’s reliable and accurate”
Mark Kiernan
Kiernan Farms

Frequently Asked Questions

The Pig Feed Silo Monitoring System provides accurate, real-time data on feed levels, allowing for better feed management, reduced waste, and improved pig health and growth.

Unlike other silo monitoring systems, the silo does not need to be empty at the time of installation.

Yes, our system can send notifications and alerts when feed levels fall below a specified threshold.