Polymer and Plastics Silo Monitoring System

SiloSpi, our plastic monitoring sensor, provides businesses with accurate, real-time data on polymer raw materials levels, allowing them to make more informed decisions about their inventory management.

Our self-cleaning dust-penetrating laser sensor is perfect for measuring dusty materials such as plastics.


  • Run Out Prediction: Anticipate run out times and prevent panic ordering, ensuring a consistent supply
  • Enhanced Health & Safety: Avoid the need to climb silos, reducing workplace risks and improving safety
  • User-Friendly Online Platform: Customers can effortlessly access silo level information
  • Customisable Email Alerts: Timely notifications sent to customers when pre-set silo level thresholds are reached
  • Mobile Compatibility: Responsive website design for seamless access on all devices
  • Seamless Data Integration: Directly provide data to customers’ ERP or CRM systems for efficient management and analysis

Increased Safety

“Having instant access to silo levels has greatly enhanced our process and very importantly, SiloSpi has reduced the risk associated with climbing silos in bad weather, while automating what was a very manual process”
Ray Doyle
Wellmans International

Frequently Asked Questions

Our monitoring system provides accurate, real-time data on polymer and plastic material levels, streamlining inventory management, reducing waste, and improving overall efficiency in your manufacturing facility.

Yes, our system is designed to work with a variety of polymer and plastic materials, making it a versatile solution for your facility’s needs.

Our system is designed for easy installation and low maintenance, minimizing downtime and ensuring reliable performance.

Yes, our monitoring system allows for remote access to real-time data, enabling facility managers to monitor and manage silo levels from anywhere, at any time.