The unique Self Cleaning Silo Monitor

We have a patented self-cleaning sensor that can work on silos up to 40 meters tall and is millimeter accurate. It does not get dirty due to our unique self-cleaning capabilities.

Various Mounting Options
Vertical or Horizontal
Pivot head creates flexibility
IP 68 Enclosure
Sigfox and Cellular engines certified
Temp + Humidity Sensor optional
+/- 5% Silo Volume Accuracy

How it Works

  1. We place our unique, IOT enabled sensor at the top of the silo. Our patented sensing technology can detect when the sensor is dirty and can self clean. This ensures the sensor can perform reliably in the harsh, dusty environment of a silo.

  2. We take constant measurements of the height of feed in the silo and send this data securely to our cloud host.

  3. We then present this data in a user-friendly format, which can be viewed on any device, any where.

Bridging, Ratholing in Silos
Bridging, Ratholing and sticking are common issues that occur when storing solids in a silo. By using our services we give any user a clear visualisation of these issues so we can reduce future occurrences.

The world’s first self-cleaning silo monitoring solution.

Silo levels email
We can send the user of the data, email alerts when silo is near empty, or at agreed thresholds.

Real time levels
You can check current levels of stock at any time.

Levels Graph
Graph of current and historic levels can be viewed on any device.

Health and Safety
All serviceable components are at the bottom of the silo, avoiding need to climb the silo for inspection or maintenance.

Measure Silo Temperature and Humidity
To help improve feed quality, we can measure temperature and humidity inside a silo.